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Torrent _ Zona Avenida al Vedat


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Con 133m² construidos

2 aseos

Descripción: Local con 133m²construidos, 2 aseos, estado, ...

Why are you paying for rent __It is time to have your own place, invest in your future!!! And all those improvements you want to make in the place will always be an for you. This fantastic place that we present is located in one of the most commercial areas of Torrent, with great influx of passage and all shops open to the public. Next to 4 public schools, parks, the Saturday market, a neighborhood with a lot of life and a place with great possibilities. Local of 133 meters , currently distributed in two large rooms, 3 offices, a small warehouse, bathroom and toilet. Showcase and glass door to have natural light input. Currently there is a business in progress, we will respond to any questions or queries related to the place, we will be those who without any commitment will solve all your doubts and help in everything that we can. By express mandate of the owner, we commercialize this property exclusively, which guarantees a quality service, easy, simple and without interference from third parties. For this reason, please do not disturb the owner, the occupants of the property, neighbors or janitors of the building or development if any. Thank you very much for your understanding. If you are a real estate agency and have a client for this property, call us, we will be happy to collaborate in this and other operations

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