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Finca Rústica

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Granátula de Calatrava






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Finca Rústica


Con 200m² construidos

Parcela:6000000 m2


Descripción: Finca Rústica con 200m²construidos, 6000000 m² parcela, 5 dormitorios, 2 baños, 1 garaje/s, estado, trastero, ...

Farm of 600 Ha. With 230 Ha. Of labor, Rest low hunting mountain with a lot of red partridge, rabbit, wild boar, and some deer. House of habitable hunters, constructions for cattle and warehouses, 3 artisan wells with water for cattle. Wheat and barley are currently grown, with 10 oats. They are harvested between 250,000 kg in the bad years, and 500,000 kg in the good years. You can grow cereal, pistachio, olive, traditional, intensive and organic production, etc. The farm is of blond earth with stone and low mount. Currently the harvest produces benefits of between € 60,000, to approximately € 80,000. € 30,000 of CAP grants are also charged, which may be more because these grants are compatible with those of organic crops. Hunting rights are currently held by a hunter society that pays € 15,000 / year. The farm belongs to the judicial party of Valdepeñas that has one of the largest municipal terms in Spain, which extends to the northern foothills of Sierra Morena, which opens in Despeñaperros, at the confluence of four major roads that have joined La Mancha with Andalusia. In this area is the path of the Puerto del Muradal or road of the Slab, used by Alfonso VII to go down to Andalusia and attack Almeria, and then by Alfonso VIII to attack the Almohads in the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa as it was very rugged, the Camino del Puerto del Rey followed it in the 16th century, which separated from that of the Slab in Venta Nueva and continued through La Aliseda, sale of Miranda del Rey, Puerto del Rey, Venta del Marqués, Portazgo, Magaña River and El Viso and in the Sale of the Jew it was united again with that of the Slab or Muradal Finally, as early as the 18th century, the path of Despeñaperros., Puerta blindada

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