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Con 340m² construidos

Descripción: Casa con 340m²construidos, 3 dormitorios, 3 baños, estado, ...

House of 3 heights in Purísima Street, one of the most emblematic and tourist streets of the old town. It has a ground floor with living room, dining room with fireplace, kitchen, bathroom and access stairs to both the basement and the upper area. On the second floor there is a small living room, a dressing room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. The third floor is diaphanous, with views of the Church of San Nicolás. The basement runs through the house, spectacular and unusual winery that makes the delights of all lovers of history, ideal for meeting friends, as a tourist attraction, with many options that make this home an emblem of Requena and more specifically from its La Villa Neighborhood.The neighborhood of La Villa, is the oldest one of Requena, where the first signs of population can be found. Already in the Almohad period, the Villa has a typical urban structure of the Hispano-Muslim cities its base is on a limestone promontory, which provided a natural defense, in addition, had a wall and its corresponding defensive towers, as well as different access gates to the city. La Villa was declared in 1966 a National Historic Artistic Ensemble. Within the grounds of La Villa we can highlight, for its historical-artistic importance, numerous buildings, monuments or characteristic places. Its layout is irregular, despite the fact that after the Christian conquest a remodeling was carried out with a more regular layout. The place where the mosque was located is not known exactly, although it is believed that it was in the place currently occupied by the Church of Santa María. A peculiarity of the underground of the neighborhood of the Villa is the presence in it of a series of caves that were used as warehouses, due to the importance of the municipality.

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