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Mataró - Centre






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Con 207m² construidos

1 aseos


Descripción: Casa con 207m²construidos, 4 dormitorios, 2 baños, 1 aseos, 1 garaje/s, estado, trastero, ...

How I like being able to share with our clients such a special house ... and obviously, so difficult to find, since not many of them with these characteristics go on sale. It all starts earlier ... and this story begins with a married couple who came to us to put their house up for sale. The couple decided to buy the plot in 1998 to build this spectacular house. Why did they decide that street, that neighborhood, that area ?, because they explained to us that there is no better place to live, 2 minutes from the center on foot, near schools, surrounded by shops, a step away from the beach, and with good connection to go to the main roads. And they left for the end the most important thing: the neighbors, the best that area can have ... The house was built with the following distribution: At street level, entrance to a large garage, with space to locate three large cars, a full bathroom with a shower tray and access to a beautiful patio. Washing machine area and enough space to store what suits us best. From the patio, we have a work staircase, which accesses the terrace attached to the beautiful kitchen, which we will talk about later. From the street, we have the garage door, and the door that leads to the house. With a nice and practical staircase, we access the first floor, which we will use during the day. We have a single room, which is used as a living room, which communicates with the dining room by a beautiful arch, which leads to the balcony overlooking the main street. Complete toilet to avoid having to go down to the garage and a few meters further on, the beautiful kitchen, renovated with a modern air. Suitable for meals because it has very generous measures. From the kitchen, we go out to the terrace that connects the patio with the kitchen, with the staircase mentioned above. Going up the stairs again, with its beautiful wooden handrails, we will access the night area, which rewards us with a good distribution. Three double rooms, totally exterior, two of them with built-in wardrobes and with a balcony to the patio area. Very complete and very spacious bathroom with shower tray. I could continue detailing the house, but that would be difficult since it would leave me some detail ... So better, schedule a visit and enjoy the experience, since living in the Center of Mataró, in a house of this style, is a real pleasure, I guarantee it. Taxes and purchase expenses NOT included in the price. Follow us on Instagram assessorsdupreifernandez, Lavadero, Puerta blindada

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